Acer Predator Laptop - Model G9-591-72LV Price Online with Specs

Acer Predator G9-591-72LV Prices

  • Acer Predator G9-591-72LV Price in Pakistan
  • Rs. 157,499

Acer Predator-G9-591-72LV Review

Acer’s Top End Gaming Laptops:

Acer’s laptop pool contains something ‘up to the mark’ for every type of users and use, be it private or personal, business or professional and gaming or entertainment. And for each type of usage, there are dozens of user-based choices with slight or big changes in specs.

As an Acer fan, you might have heard the name of Predator. It is one of the most powerful gaming laptops in the market. Here you meet the extreme performance and graphic brilliance to get the best experience of entertainment in the form of gaming. But, at the same time, youmust be prepared to pay the correspondingly high Acer Predator price in Pakistan. It is priced well over a lac rupees.

Predator Variants:

Though ‘Predator’ has established itself as the name of energy and efficiency, all the users may not have same demands with regards to the specification, looks and, quite logically, the price tag. That is why, the Acer Predator series offers several differentmodels. They include G1-710-KBL, G1-710-SKL, G6-720, G3-710,G6-710, G9-591 and G3-571, etc.The list, however, does not end here – it’s fairly long.

Installed with the latest 64-bit Windows 10 Home operation system, the G9-591 Predator version is majestic both in appearance and performance.It is powered by the latest Core i7 processor running at the speed of 3.6 GHz. To boost its performance for heavy gaming, there is whopping 16GB RAM which can be further extended to 64 GB. Just imagine the performance rendered by the combined potential of CPU, RAM and 6MB cache! Meanwhile, the built-in storage is 1 TB to let you store hundreds of games you want play at the time of leisure.

Curious to know the Acer Predator G9-591 price in Pakistan? Taking into account the specs standards, the price tag reading above one hundred and fifty lac rupees shouldn’t be something surprising for the potential buyers.When you are getting a thing really marvellous, the price factor shouldn’t be a matter of concern. But it is for the low-income buyers. One thing more about the G9-591 – the display measures 15.6 inches in size and that’s great.

Let’s talk about another 7th generation Core i7 notebook from the line of Predator, the G3-571-77QK with red backlit keyboard. It carries a 15.6” inch large full HD display with extreme visuals to add to your pleasure of gaming. The processing speed may go up to 3.8 GHz. The built-in capacity for RAM measures 16 GB which seems indispensable for a gaming machine of the stature of G3-571-77QK.

When you are so absorbed in gaming, it would be a very painful situation if the machine shuts down due to battery drainage. Acer’s Predator, though a high-end gaming laptop, is not power hungry. Making very economical use of energy, the notebook will keep working for up to 7 hours with single recharge! Finally, it is the price which you might be concerned about. It is much less priced than that of the G3-571-77QK variant.