In the post modern age, the technology has made a big deal of progress and human wit has added much advancement innovation in this filed. The days are gone when computers occupied much space and many people were needed to start them or there were innumerable devices that were connected together for the proper working of the system.

Today is the age of smart computer, called laptops and they have taken the place of their petty old predecessors and are present in every professional field, homes and colleges or universities. In a small device, there is every required feature that one could possibly look for.

There are keyboard, pointing stick, speaker, touch pad and display all assembled into one perfect unit. Rechargeable battery is used to power laptop and ensures its proper and prolonged working. A laptop is faster, quicker and more feasible than the computers of the olden days.

Nowadays, there are available many categories of laptops and people use them according to their requirement as it can be carried easily to all the places and takes a small and less place than the old heavy and huge computers. You can even use them while taking tea in lawn or on your bed.

Tablet, notebook, rugged, ultra mobile and netbook are some examples of the more classified laptops. There are many advantages of using different types of laptops in place of the old desktop computers. The small size of the smart computers allows the easy carriage and convenience in use. Moreover, the small size also enables the device consume less energy and electricity as compared to the old computers.

The notebooks give more productivity and effective results as compared to the old desktop PCs. The instant access to the internet and other connections is also ensured on the modern gadgets. The prices in Pakistan are a bit high because the laptop manufacturing companies have no technological setup in the country.

You will find here a long list of laptops of different popular makers or brands from around the world with their prices. As the trend of technology in Pakistan is changing, so is the demand of laptops across the country. Only a few years back, an immense influx of low cost used laptops flooded the markets bring them in the economical access of many people. However, with the passage of time, the demand of laptops has increased manifolds.

Initially, the people were very reluctant to trust laptops as being reliable devices; however, this mindset is changing with a fast pace these days. Not only businessmen, but also senior executives, corporate officers and managers, and even officers of small organizations feel the need of having a laptop to reduce human labor and hard work and keep the work going on. The need of computers is imperative and so the demand of laptops is not going to cease anytime soon.

For your assistance, the prices of laptops of different models from some of the most popular international firms are given here. It has been tried to keep the price of the notebooks as close to actual market price as possible; however, the exact price may vary depending on the city and the dealer.