Is tablet really better than a laptop?

Years ago people began replacing their hefty desktop computers with compact and light weight laptops. The trend has now moved towards replacing laptops with even more compact gadgets: tablets. Is tablet really better than a laptop? Find out the reasons why you should prefer a tablet computer over a laptop.

Is tablet really better than a laptop

Increased Portability:

The first and foremost reason why users incline more towards tablets is their increased portability. Most of them come with 7 or 10 inches display screens and weigh around a pound only.

On the other hand, so far, no laptop has been designed to be as light as a tablet. For instance, Toshiba’s Portege Z835, Asus’ ZenBook UX21E-DH52 and Lenovo’s IdeaPad U400 are some of the lightest ultrabooks in the market which measure 2.4, 2.9 and 4.25 pounds in weight, respectively. None of them can compete against the lightest tablets, namely Apple iPad Mini, and Barnes & Noble Nook HD, both of which weigh only 0.68 pounds. In addition, no matter how compact and thin an ultrabook is, it still occupies more space than tablets. The latter, however, can easily be carried in a small bag.

Therefore, tablets will serve you better if you travel a lot.

Tablet Display

More Interactive for Game Addicts:

The touchscreens of tablets give users complete and easy control over the features and applications of the gadget. All the controls are at your fingertips—easy and quick to manage. This also makes the gadget’s functions more interactive, particularly, games. A stylus pen can also be used for more precise commands. In addition to games, drawings and illustrations also lead to a more tactile approach as compared to using a mouse.

Moreover, all those who love books can also enjoy a great experience of reading texts on this portable gadget with the help of e-Reading applications. In the case of laptops, reading is never as easy or fun.

Tablets Are More Attractive for Game Addicts

Lighter on your Pocket:

When the cost of both the gadgets is compared, tablets are much more affordable and, therefore, lighter on your pocket. You need a large budget in order to be able to afford an ultrabook. Even the most affordable ones cost you a lot due to their extra hardware and added functions. On the other hand, the much smaller tablets have smaller price tags as these are simple devices with no keyboard, mouse or complex applications that are associated with laptops.

Therefore, for students and low-salaried individuals, tablets are the more preferred choice.

Tablet Vs Laptop

More Readily Available:

Tablets are more readily available to you, especially if you have to, quickly, take down a note, capture a scene or look up something on the internet. On the other hand, in the case of laptops, you first have to find some place to set up the device and then wait for it to load.

Moreover, laptops also often fail to be available on urgent basis if they have run out of battery life. In comparison, the battery life in tablets lasts longer, making them available to you for use all day long.

Tablet Picture

Tablets VS Laptops—the Final Verdict:

All the above mentioned reasons throw light on the benefits of tablets over laptops. However, if you want to purchase the one, you should also be aware of their drawbacks. The former is better than the latter only as long as your use is limited to gaming, social networking, music and internet browsing. However, this gadget is inappropriate for more professional work. Although the lack of a keyboard and mouse adds to its portability, but these hardware components are necessary for serious office work.

Laptops are also more durable as compared to tablets which have their screen exposed. If this screen gets cracked or broken by accidents, your gadget will become useless.

Tablets Versus Laptops

Therefore, make your decision wisely based on your requirements, budget and need for extra portability.