Most Expensive Laptops in the World

Portable computers know as laptops are a great tool for people whose work requires travelling and they want to carry their eworld along with them too. Laptops are also replacing desktop computer at homes as people now days prefer to use a laptop at home than desktop computers because laptop gives them the flexibility to use it anywhere they want. In addition, they don’t need to sit on one place for hours. Demand in laptops increased after the dramatic fall in their price which is almost equal to desktop computers now. Here we will discuss the most expensive laptops and will compare their prices and specifications. First we will discuss window laptop and later in the section we will look through Mac laptops.

Expensive Laptops

Luvaglio Laptop

Surprisingly laptop manufactured by Luvaglio, fairly an unknown company, tops the list of the most expensive laptops. Laptops manufactured Luvagilo are only built to order. Users are given the freedom of choice to choose the material in the construction of the laptop. The standard Luvaglio laptop has 17-inch wide LED screen and shiny power button made of diamond. The price of Luvagilo Laptop is $1 million.

Luvagilo Laptops

Tulips E-Go Diamond Laptop

As the name of laptop suggests ‘diamond’, the first thing that comes in mind is the luxury. This laptop is truly luxurious and nothing short of fancy. It comes up with the magnificent design of ladies’ handbags and easy to carry. Specifications of the laptop are not attractive as it got a 2GB RAM and 160 GB hard disk. The purpose behind building this laptop is not a powerful machine but to offer luxury. Its price is around $355,000.

Tulips E-Go Diamond Laptop

Ego for Bentley

Third most expensive laptop of the world is again manufactured by Ego. Like Tulip E-Go Diamond Ego for Bentley is also not a powerful machine but it is designed to meet the luxurious style of rich people. It is a collection machine for rich ladies and comes in a packed design of ladies handbags. It also has 160GB hard disk and 2GB RAM. Due to the design of women handbag, this machine was mainly built for ladies who can afford to pay $20,000 for it.

Ego for Bentley

Mac Laptops

Apple is a sign of luxury and elegance in manufacturing of laptops just like Mercedes is in the manufacturing of vehicles.

Mac Laptops

Air Platinum

Air Platinum is the most expensive laptop ever by apple. Its price is $486,616 and its production was limited to 5 pieces only. As the name suggests its body is completely made of platinum.

Air Supreme Ice Edition

Air Supreme Ice Edition is the second most expensive laptop produced by Apple. There were only 10 editions produced of this luxurious laptop by Apple. The body of the laptop is made with 2.5kg pure platinum. The most significant and stylish part of this laptop is Apple logo which is made up of diamond weighing 25.5 carats. The price tag on this laptop is of $200,000.

Bling My Thing Mac Book Air

This extraordinarily stylish laptop is perhaps the thinnest laptop in the world. Mac Book Air is coated with 12,000 handset Swarovski crystals. These crystals bring out the sparkle in the 24k gold plate that forms the laptop’s case. All the crystals were placed by hand on the laptop and it took over a week. Its price is $40,000 and only 20 laptops were produced of this edition.