Sony Laptops

Sony laptops are ranked among the best computing devices with a number of worthy opponents including Apple, HP, Lenovo, Dell and others. Innovative technology, exquisite design and unquestionably impressive performance are the distinguishing features of Sony's ravishing laptops. Currently, Sony VAIO is dominating the scene in Pakistani market. There are seven sub-series within the amazing VAIO series, viz. T, S, C, E, Z, F and L. Improvements in technology and other innovations keep on enhancing these gadgets, bringing something new to the market to keep the competition with the rivals alive. Students and office professionals will both find the top-notch Sony laptops to be perfect for them.

Since these laptops give you the best in terms of style, technology and hardware, their cost is also high. However, due to the durability and extreme efficiency of these superb gadgets, users will never regret purchasing one for their own computing needs.

Sony Laptop Prices in Pakistan

Sony is one of the leading brands of electronics having wide range of quality products. Best quality is the prime concern of the company and it always used to launch innovative products. Company has greater market share and always gives a tough competition to the competitors by its high tech products. The company has a long history started from 1945 when the founder of Sony started a repairing shop then after ten years the company launched the first product TR-55 in the market that was a radio and the name of the company changed to Sony in 1958. Company success has different steps of lunching different products; first calculating device “ICC-550” was launched in 1967. It was a portable calculator for complex calculations. After that there was a series of the products that shows gradual improvement and innovations. The series of the products in computers category are;

  • SMC-70 (first personal computer)
  • SMC-777 (simple Sony software programs were installed)
  • PJ-100 (portable device with Japanese language processor)
  • PCG-707 (the VAIO notebook; first introduced in Japan in 1997)
  • PCG-505(first generation slim laptop was released in 1997)

Sony Laptops

Sony offers a wide range of laptops that allow you to work with ease and comfort. Laptops matched with the true sense of portable devices as Sony laptops gives the flexibility of work, facility of multitasking and these are the combination of quality and innovation. Sony launched a new VAIO series; a series of excellent laptops with awesome features. VAIO notebooks are amazing in performance, style, looks and features. Vaio series further has sub categories of different models like VGN-CR, VGN-TZ, VGN-UX, VGN-FW, VGN-BX and W-series etc.

Bestselling Models

Although company's products generate high sales because of the unique features and design but some models are categorized as the bestselling models like AR 60, CR 30, and FZ 30. These models are from different series and different specification as the models from CR and NR are low priced products while UX and TZ is the series of high price laptops. E series of the Sony includes high tech and high price laptops but gives outstanding performance. Overall, Sony laptops are of good quality and amazing features.